• In the dark

    I can't see. Hands stretched in front of me, fumbling, trying to found things before they smash in my face.

    I really can't see. The air is dark, heavy as if it was full of ashes, as if a volcano has erupted, throwing up an enormous cloud of black and grey ashes, blinding everything around. Ashes floats in a slow wind, and the only solution to stop breathing this creepy flour is to stop breathing. It tastes strange, a mix of dirt, white nightmares and black dreams, and blood.

    The air is strange, it smells like... cake.

    Wait a second, it's stupid. How can the air look like mash of darkests things in the universe, taste blood and dirt, and smell cake?

    It's a dream, isn't it? I will wake up soon. It have to be a dream, I hear no sound and... oh wait, shit, I can hear footsteps behind me. Shit, it's everywhere, around me. Seems like I'll be attacked by some kind of... wolves? Beasts  that hunts in pack, must be wolves. Yes, can't be worse. Ok, ok, all is ok, that's all right... I'm completly blind and surrounded of animals that probably don't really need their eyes to hunt and I AM THEIR FUCKING PREY!

    Ok, looks like I'm already dead -or not far. I give all my possessions to Erik, my goldfish. Haha, wait, that's stupid, I can't give my property to a goldfish, hahaha -shit wait it's legal. According to the law I can give my stuff to Erik.

    Wait a sec -I have no goldfish and don't know why I would have call it Erik, I hate this name. Wolves are nearer now, I can hear their breathes... I can see them now and.. shit they are fucking GOLDFISH ?! What the fuck is happening in this dream, I have to wake up NOW It's too stupid!

    Ok, ok, that's all right, that's all right, you are in the middle of a pack of goldfish hunters that probably eats human flesh... Ok, it's good, don't know why it could go wrong and HOW IT COULD BE WORSE! I'll have the most stupid death of the whole world...

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    Mercredi 27 Avril 2016 à 12:57

    Okey, this story is just so funny ! xD It begins like something horrible is going to happen, or had happened or might happen. And actually, there is really something happening, but is not something that we could expected. I like the way you caractere realize that what he said just before is wrong. You know, with the repetition of 'shit'.

    Oh, and you have to explain me the word 'goldfish'. I already saw it, but I never understand what it supposed to refer...

    I really like to comment in english, but I don't think I could write a story in english because I don't think I have enough vocabulary to do that.

      • Mercredi 27 Avril 2016 à 13:05

        Thanks ^^ happy you enjoyed it!

        Goldfish is the english for the fish that we Frenchies are calling "poisson rouge", ya know. x)

        Your last sentence prouves that you lack vocabulary :') I didn't know you can say three times the world "think" in the same sentence :')

      • Mercredi 27 Avril 2016 à 13:08

        Okey, but I still don't know what is a 'poisson rouge' --'

        Haha, told you. xD

      • Mercredi 27 Avril 2016 à 13:17

        Are you kidding me? You know, THIS

      • Mercredi 27 Avril 2016 à 13:27

        I know what it is u.u But it doesn't mean something else ? It's just a 'poisson rouge' ? I thought there was another explanation...

      • Mercredi 27 Avril 2016 à 13:40

        Nope, nothing else I know '^' sorry

      • Mercredi 27 Avril 2016 à 13:57

        Ah, ok

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