• That dream again?!

    The Eriks let me down, and the air still smels cake. What will happen to me?!

    Not this shit again.

    I woke up last week, sweaty and frightened, from a dream where I was blinded by some weird cake-smelling-flour-air-stuff, and I ended up giving up my possessions to a goldfish named Erik while other glodfishes were hunting me.

    I think I may be dreaming again? Actually I don't really, like, know what is hapenning. The air smells cake again, as if someone was cooking some apple pie somewhere. I could follow the smell but I'm as blind as if I was trying to see through a wall. Well, I suppose that this will do since I don't really have a choice. I just hope those damn Eriks won't come again. Yeah I"m going to call them all Erik. So that if I die all of my belongings will be their. And this is stupid but hey, we're in a dream, come on. What. Could. Happen.

    My actual self is safe in his bed, this is ok, just follow the pie's smell.
    I can't reach anything. I wave hands around me like "hello anyone can see me, give me some help" but no answer. Even the Eriks let me down. I don't really now why but this is worrying to me. I'm a little bit concerned about them. Why? This is a dream. It's not supposed to be logical, you know...

    Well, the fact is, I'm lost.

    Oh wait, here is a light! I see... WELL I suppose this is a person carrying a lamp or something because I see a light right in front of my eyes. WHO IS CARRYING IT. Nobody's there. I can't touch them.

    This. Is. GREAT. This pisses me off, this is so frustrating!

    ... thoses were the numbers of my alarm. I was fooled by this machine, again. And it's 4 A.M. Because I hate myself.

    Can't go back to sleep. And I still don't own any goldfish.

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    Lundi 4 Juin 2018 à 21:02
    Well, I kind of like it. ;)
    I didnlt understand everything, not because of the English, it's just that in some text we not always understand everything...
    The cake-smelling-flour made me think of Proust--"
    So, what's the real meaning of this dream ? Who's Erik ? What will happen next ? I want to know everything !!
      • Lundi 4 Juin 2018 à 22:12

        Thank youuuuuu :D

        Yeah sometimes some points remain un-understanded xD


        Erik is the name the narrator gave to the hunting-fish-wolves from the last dream. For the meaning I guess we'll see it next time? Next is the subject of the next episode, stay tuned x')

      • Dimanche 17 Juin 2018 à 21:03

        That's why this text is good ! ;) Because we don't know everything. My father told me that one day, when you don't understand everything in a book it means that the book is good, it makes you think.

        Well, you know, the madeleine's smell of Proust wich remainds him his youth, or his grand-mother. You know, it happened to me about two days ago. I smelled the smell of my mother's bread. I just wanted to come back home and eat it !

        Oh yeah~

      • Lundi 18 Juin 2018 à 15:11

        Yeah, if you would understand everything from the beginning it wouldn't be fun, I mean it wouldn't be worth reading the stuff if you can't even make theories because you know that it will happen this way and it actually happens this way. Meh.

        Aaaaa right! I don't usually catch this reference because I know I should have it but I don't. Never ever read Proust. I'm evil x)

        Make sure to subscribe, leave a thumbs up and hit the bell so that you won't miss any videos (I believe I'm on Youtube that's normal xD)

      • Mardi 26 Juin 2018 à 19:26

        No it's not exactly that. Even at the end, when you finished your book, you still don't understand everything, you still have questions/theories...

        I try to read it, but never finished it...--'

        xD What's happened to you ?^^ 

      • Vendredi 29 Juin 2018 à 16:56

        That means it's a good book because it makes you think u.u

        :o we are evil

        I spent way too much time on youtube? ^^

      • Samedi 30 Juin 2018 à 23:56
        That's it !


        That must be it^^
      • Lundi 2 Juillet 2018 à 12:44


      • Mardi 3 Juillet 2018 à 21:21

        We're rebels ;)

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